18 October 2021
In less than 30-days time, essential workers in the Northern Australian Territory will be subject to one of the strictest Covid-19 vaccination mandates in the world. Chief Minister Michael Gunner has said that any public […]
15 October 2021
Just recently, an ex-Pfizer employee had come out and leaked emails from Vanessa Gelman advising to keep the use of fetal cell lining for their vaccine under wraps. Now, an employee of Project Veritas (a […]
5 October 2021
Project Veritas is at it again and this time it's the scientists from Pfizer telling some of the truths that the vaccine company doesn't want you to know. Watch and share and #ExposePfizer Video
4 October 2021
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says all essential workers will require at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine by October 15. None of this has anything to do with facts, but, when has the official […]
30 September 2021
Jonathan Isaac has gone viral for giving sound logical reasons as to why he did not want to get the jab. The Orlando Magic player was referenced in a Rolling Stone article that he said […]
29 September 2021
A 14-year-old girl, Majda El Azrak, has died in RUFANNO, ITALY. A Month previously, she received her second Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine on August 17th. Following the second Injection, she developed a severe headache and swelling […]
28 September 2021
In this undercover video, Project Veritas are at it again by calling out the pharmaceutical companies behind the unlicensed covid vaccines. This time it is Johnson & Johnson's turn and we see their representatives admit […]
23 September 2021
Researchers at the University of California-Riverside are currently developing a way to grow edible plants that have an mRNA vaccine in them. You might want to read that again. The COVID-19 so-called "vaccine" uses messenger […]
18 September 2021
In this short video, Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi delivers a strong message to Britain, UK Government, and the BBC. There are excellent, safe, cheap medicines that can save the lives of 75% of the elderly that […]
11 September 2021
Morrisons, the family-friendly supermarket, proves they are anything but. In a sick move, they are cutting sick pay for unvaccinated workers who may need to self-isolate. The company seems to have been hit quite hard […]
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