23 November 2021
The FDA is being sued by Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency via a Freedom of Information Act request for 329,000 pages worth of information about the Pfizer jab. The agency had then requested […]
11 October 2021
Today, Merck & Co Inc (MRK.N) said it has applied for U.S. emergency use authorization for its drug to treat mild-to-moderate patients of COVID-19. You heard that right, in a time that we clearly are […]
23 September 2021
Project Veritas has released the second video of its COVID vaccine investigative series. This one is exposing U.S. Food and Drug Administration [FDA] economist, Taylor Lee, who called for forced COVID vaccinations and a registry […]
17 August 2021
We are all being encouraged, bribed, threatened, coerced to take an experimental vaccine. It has now become or becoming a fact of life. It's Interesting to see some of the organizations that do NOT require […]
5 August 2021
A document just released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) openly admits that the infamous PCR test for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) was developed not with actual samples, but rather with what appears […]