30 August 2021
Clashes broke out between police officers & Australians marching in opposition to Daniel Andrews ongoing draconian lockdown measures - 21 August 2021. It is now firmly established that this is not about health or safety […]
23 August 2021
Today, Anti-Lockdown protesters have occupied the headquarters of ITV News and Channel 4 News in London. It is reported that hundreds of people took over the building shouting scientific Information that is censored and deemed […]
18 July 2021
Australia has emerged as a proponent of the New World Order and has now locked up people in Victoria. This is apparently on the back of 18 cases and 6,500 people isolating. As we know […]
23 June 2021
Scientists have now made a fantastic discovery that children's immune systems are weakened due to lockdown. It's fairly obvious though, right..? Young children have not been able to go out of the house and build […]
22 June 2021
The government keeps on changing their minds about whether they want to introduce the COVID passport. It is said that using the COVID passport could keep pubs open. As we all know, pubs are a […]
19 June 2021
It is said that COVID models that were used to extend the lockdown is out-of-date information. It's claimed Boris Johnson may have been aware the data may have been flawed - before telling the nation […]