9 October 2021
Project Veritas have now Interviewed a Pfizer whistleblower that unveils some Interesting facts Pfzier really doesn't want to be shared. Melissa Strickler, a quality auditor at the big-pharma company does not claim to be an […]
5 October 2021
Project Veritas is at it again and this time it's the scientists from Pfizer telling some of the truths that the vaccine company doesn't want you to know. Watch and share and #ExposePfizer Video
28 September 2021
In this undercover video, Project Veritas are at it again by calling out the pharmaceutical companies behind the unlicensed covid vaccines. This time it is Johnson & Johnson's turn and we see their representatives admit […]
23 September 2021
Project Veritas has released the second video of its COVID vaccine investigative series. This one is exposing U.S. Food and Drug Administration [FDA] economist, Taylor Lee, who called for forced COVID vaccinations and a registry […]
21 September 2021
Project veritas are at it again! This time it is a Whistleblower, Jodi O'Malley, showing you that the vaccine is "full of shit" - as medical professionals put it. O'Malley goes on the record with […]