11 September 2021
Morrisons, the family-friendly supermarket, proves they are anything but. In a sick move, they are cutting sick pay for unvaccinated workers who may need to self-isolate. The company seems to have been hit quite hard […]
1 September 2021
Pakistan clearly demonstrates, to the world, that they are void of all scientific understanding and human rights compassion. Unvaccinated from Motorways. Unvaccinated people not allowed to travel on the motorway from September 15. Unvaccinated people […]
23 July 2021
The whole idea that unvaccinated people are a threat to vaccinated people with a virus that vaccinated people have been vaccinated against can make anyone's head hurt, including mine. Especially when the virus doesn't seem […]
9 July 2021
Canada isn't allowing unvaccinated people into the country and can't see itself doing so for a very long time. Do you see this as another form of segregation? Another way to force people to get […]