23 September 2021
Project Veritas has released the second video of its COVID vaccine investigative series. This one is exposing U.S. Food and Drug Administration [FDA] economist, Taylor Lee, who called for forced COVID vaccinations and a registry […]
11 September 2021
Morrisons, the family-friendly supermarket, proves they are anything but. In a sick move, they are cutting sick pay for unvaccinated workers who may need to self-isolate. The company seems to have been hit quite hard […]
1 September 2021
Pakistan clearly demonstrates, to the world, that they are void of all scientific understanding and human rights compassion. Unvaccinated from Motorways. Unvaccinated people not allowed to travel on the motorway from September 15. Unvaccinated people […]
31 August 2021
The following is a message from Professor Mike Yeadon, former chief scientific officer for Pfizer. 'I’ve just been informed via someone senior in the vaccination authorities that they will begin VACCINATING ALL SCHOOL CHILDREN AGED […]
29 August 2021
A BBC radio presenter, Lisa Shaw, has died as a result of receiving the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, a coroner has concluded. Lisa worked for BBC Radio Newcastle and died at the city’s Royal Victoria Infirmary […]
17 August 2021
We are all being encouraged, bribed, threatened, coerced to take an experimental vaccine. It has now become or becoming a fact of life. It's Interesting to see some of the organizations that do NOT require […]
16 August 2021
Simply put, we need your help. The battle for the hearts and minds of mankind is being played out online. If you understand what PLANDEMIC means that you know that we are hurtling towards a […]
16 August 2021
The science gets weirder as Booster Covid jabs are made to be compulsory for foreign trips and care home staff in the UK. The current shit show of so-called vaxxes does not stop you from […]
15 August 2021
In this Interview, Dr Tess Lawrie discusses the treatment and prevention of Covid-19 and how we are being systematically failed by our governments and the World Health Organisation (WHO). Ivermectin has been classed as an […]
12 August 2021
What follows is a recording of John on Jeremy Vine's show. He managed to squeeze past the gatekeepers of the show by claiming that he was a regretful Antivaxxer. Well, that was the story before […]