11 August 2021
One of the reasons that many people do not want the covid-19 vaccine is because it is in clinical trials. Still, many believe this to be false "How can they treat us like lab rats?" […]
11 August 2021
Stew Peters discusses with Jane Ruby how Fauci will now begin to provide vaccine alternatives, whilst we are all are STILL being rushed to get vaccinated. Another elephant in the room is the fact that […]
10 August 2021
Recently, Bill Gates has appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper talking about harsh Vaccine Mandates that he couldn't stop chuckling at. Let's have a look at what made Mr Gates happy? Not many people know […]
10 August 2021
Science the BBC will NOT Bring you They tell us the "wonder-jabs" are already working their magic and saving THOUSANDS of lives. But how believable are the numbers on vaccines you hear on the news? […]
7 August 2021
Mike Adams, from Natural News, takes us through the journey of how vaccines have become weaponised. You can NOT criticise the vaccine Industry. It is a big no-no! You will be de-platformed, silenced, defamed, demonetised […]
6 August 2021
Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp unequivocally says that we should NOT be vaccinating our children. She says that the new medication has side effects. Initially, it was thought that the AstraZeneca vaccine was safe and then it […]
31 July 2021
Pakistan is to ban air travel for anyone without a COVID-19 vaccine certificate from August 1. Also, anyone that is working in the public sector will be required to get vaccinated by Aug. 31. If […]
19 July 2021
The word on the street in the UK is, on the 19 July 2021, we have #FREEDOMDAY. Finally, it is here - many of the restrictions that were suffocating us, and in the case of […]
16 July 2021
Jen Psaki has let it slip that the vaccines will still kill people under the age of 27. She's preaching the vaccine and then states that they will, in fact, kill people. Does she know […]
15 July 2021
MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) has revealed how deadly the new, untested COVID-19 vaccine is. Duncan Husband had made a request to the agency to provide a list of all new vaccines in […]