10 July 2021
They are going to send America's strike forces to get kids vaccinated. If this isn't some form of in intimidation, I don't know what is. Why are strike forces necessary to get defenceless children vaccinated? […]
9 July 2021
Pfizer, one of the three companies developing the COVID-19 vaccine, now wants to be able to target a younger age group with it. This means more people - even younger people, having to face the […]
9 July 2021
According to the new UK Health Secretary, those who have had both COVID-19 vaccinations will no longer have to self-isolate if they test positive with the disease. Wouldn't they still be spreading the virus despite […]
29 June 2021
AstraZeneca is now working with the University of Oxford to start human trials with the COVID-19 vaccine for a specific variant. This study includes 2,250 participants to build immunity with the beta variant. This vaccine […]
28 June 2021
Studies have shown that 29% of the 42 people who have died after catching the new delta strain had BOTH vaccinations. That figure had then risen to 43%, with 50 of the 117 deaths having […]
25 June 2021
As you can see in the video below, Indian medical workers are forcing people to get vaccinated. Teams of them are going out and holding people against their will so that they can get jabbed. […]
25 June 2021
In Norway, the statistics have shown that people have a greater risk of dying from the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine rather than the disease itself. While waiting for the final verdict on the vaccine, Norway has […]
23 June 2021
Scientists have now made a fantastic discovery that children's immune systems are weakened due to lockdown. It's fairly obvious though, right..? Young children have not been able to go out of the house and build […]
22 June 2021
Vaccines are becoming more and more "necessary" in the modern-day. In order to return to a normal life where we can go out and actually enjoy ourselves, we are being advised to take the vaccine. […]
17 June 2021
Ministers will be advised against the mass rollout of COVID-19 vaccines to children under 18 in the UK until scientists obtain more data on the health risks. Experts on the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination […]